Reconnect with your music

The smart music player for your collection, Groove revisits the soundtrack of your life.


As your library grows, favorites can fall out of heavy rotation, or worse, out of mind. Groove resurfaces forgotten gems you haven’t heard in years.


It's time to plug back in. Groove breaks down the barriers separating you from your favorite artists. Explore beautiful artist art and band bios as you listen along.


Groove floods your heart with nostalgia by revisiting the soundtrack of your life: your summer sweetheart, those crazy and outlandish adventures…


It's like it knows me.

Our tastes are influenced by both nature and nurture: where we were, who we hung out with, how we were brought up. Groove’s taste-learning algorithm remembers your favorites (and less-than-favorites) to design a personalized listening experience, just for you.

One-touch playlists.

No scrolling. No search. No skipping tracks. With one touch, Groove creates a personalized mix with the music you want to hear. Whether you're on the road or in a rush, just press play.

Easy on the eyes.

Groove uses hi-res album art and artist photos to simulate flipping through a pile of LPs. Filled with sprawling artwork and intimate liner notes, Groove is a sensory oasis to feast your ears and your eyes.

Better with friends, like in real life.

Roadtripping or partying with friends and can’t decide what to play? Groove combines the taste profiles of your amigos to concoct a compatible playlist to get everyone grooving.

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